Lawn Service Mat

Ground Protector mats are specifically designed to protect lawns and landscaped areas from the potential damage caused by common lawn and tree service machinery. Our mats are crucial for lawn care services that frequently use heavy and potentially ground-damaging equipment and make the perfect ground protection mat for lawn services.

For lawn and tree services that go beyond mowing, Ground Protector mats are essential when dealing with heavier, non-mower related equipment such as:

Wood Chippers

These large machines, used to break down tree limbs and trunks into wood chips, can be extremely heavy. Their movement across lawns can lead to significant ground compression and potential damage​.

Stump Grinders

Used in tree services for removing remaining tree stumps, these machines are both heavy and require maneuvering across the lawn, which can disturb the soil and grass.


While beneficial for lawns in controlled circumstances, the process involves heavy equipment that can leave marks or compact soil if not properly protected with ground mats​.

Sprayers and Spreaders

Used for applying chemicals or seeds over large areas, these can be attached to heavy vehicles that, without proper protection, might harm the lawn structure​.

Heavy Duty Pruners and Pole Saws

Used in tree services for reaching and cutting high branches, these tools are often used alongside ladders or other heavy equipment to manage tree canopies, potentially impacting lawn areas below when moved or used incorrectly​.

Lawn Protection is Ground Protection

Ground Protector mats safeguard against these risks. Their lightweight yet durable construction ensures that they can be easily deployed and moved around the job site, reducing physical strain on workers. The ability to withstand up to 40,000lbs. of pressure means they are more than capable of dispersing the weight of even the heaviest lawn and tree service machinery, preventing the compaction and wear that can lead to damaged grass and soil structure. Moreover, their available sizes and the 8 Handle System facilitate quick adaptation to different equipment types and job requirements, ensuring thorough protection of the lawn area under service.

Protective Layer

Ground Protector mats provide a solid, protective layer between these heavy items and the vulnerable lawn, preventing ruts, compaction, and physical damage. Their light weight relative to their durability means they can be easily placed and moved around the job site, providing continuous protection as equipment is moved. This is especially important for tree service professionals who may need to move large pieces of equipment, like wood chippers or stump grinders, across a client's lawn to access work areas​.

By using these mats, lawn and tree service professionals can prevent damage to the lawns, ensuring that the aesthetic and health of the grass are maintained while still allowing for the heavy-duty work needed to manage landscape and tree health effectively.