Heavy Equipment Support & Protection With Ground Protector

Heavy Equipment Support & Protection With Ground Protector

Ground Protector specializes in providing the ultimate solution for ground protection and heavy equipment support. Our ground protection mats are designed to safeguard your manicured lawns and sensitive surfaces from the potential damage caused by heavy machinery. Whether you're in residential construction, event planning, or the rental equipment business, our mats ensure that your site remains crisp & pristine, regardless of the equipment used.

Why Use Ground Protection Mats?

  • Prevent Damage: Heavy equipment like backhoes, forklifts, scissor lifts, and cranes can leave unsightly ruts and tracks on soft or landscaped surfaces. Heavy equipment and machines can also cause soil impaction, destroying deeper root systems. Our mats help distribute the weight evenly, preventing ground damage.
  • Save Costs: Repairing damaged lawns or paved areas can be expensive for any company. By using Ground Protector mats, you avoid restoration  and additional law service costs.
  • Enhance Safety: Uneven, muddy, and wet terrain can be a hazard for operators and workers particularly in extended or early outdoor seasons. Our mats provide a stable platform, reducing the risk of accidents.
  • Environmental Protection: Prevent ecological disturbances by minimizing the impact on the ground beneath.

Features of Ground Protector Mats

  • Weight Capacity: Can handle up to 40,000 lbs, providing ample support for most heavy machinery. From skid steers to forklifts to backhoes our mats are made to be used anywhere your equipment goes.
  • Easy Installation: Featuring an 8-handle system, our mats are designed for quick setup and removal.
  • Lightweight Design: Being the lightest mats in the world, they are ideal for temporary installations and easy to transport.
  • Durability: Made from high-quality materials, our mats are built to last, even in harsh weather conditions.


Ground Protector mats are versatile and can be used for a variety of applications, including:

  • Residential Construction: Protect lawns and driveways from heavy construction equipment. Leave every customer's lawn better than you found it.
  • Events: Create walkways or protect grounds at outdoor events. Installation and removal of large stages or installations can leave some areas worse for wear. Our mats prevent long-term damage for event setup and tear down.
  • Utility and Maintenance: Ideal for use during repair or installation work that requires heavy machinery repeatedly at the same location.
  • Landscaping: Safeguard landscape projects from the impact of heavy equipment.

Installation Guide

  1. Planning: Measure the area where mats will be laid and plan the layout.
  2. Laying the Mats: Place the mats on the ground, using the 8-handle system for easy maneuvering.
  3. Interlocking: Connect the mats together to cover the desired area securely.
  4. Post-Use Removal: Lift the mats using the handles, stack them, and transport them away from the site.

Protect your grounds today with Ground Protector Mats and ensure that your projects proceed smoothly without leaving a mark.