Mini & Compact Excavator Protection With Ground Protection Mats

When it comes to lawn, tree, and landscaping services, protecting the ground is of utmost importance. That's where our Ground Protector Mats come in. Designed specifically for protection against damage from mini and compact excavators, these mats offer exceptional ground protection while preventing costly damage to job sites no matter what you are excavating.

Our top-selling product, the "20 Mat Set 4' x 8' Ground Protector Mat - Classic," is the #1 choice for professionals in the industry. Made with high-quality materials, these mats provide maximum durability and ease of use for any construction or landscaping project using any excavator.

Here's how our Ground Protector Mats benefit lawn, tree, and landscaping services:

1. Turf Protection

Our mats are specially designed to protect the turf from heavy machinery. With their large surface area and weight distribution, they minimize the impact on the ground, preventing unsightly damage and ensuring the lawn remains intact. Most mini excavators and compact excavators are well below the damage limit of 40,000lbs for Ground Protector brand mats made in the Ground Protector classic material.

2. Tree Protection

When working around trees, it's crucial to avoid damaging their root systems. Our Ground Protector Mats create a stable and secure surface, reducing the risk of root disturbance from nearby excavation work or continued use of tracked excavators in a location. This allows tree services to be carried out efficiently without compromising the health and stability of the trees.

3. Landscaping Protection

Whether it's installing new features or carrying out maintenance, landscaping projects often involve heavy machinery and the largest projects require excavators. These jobs on small or confined properties usually benefit from compact excavators which can fit in standard sized gates. Our mats provide a protective barrier between the equipment and the ground, particularly in residential or commercial work, which is crucial in preventing ruts, compaction, and other forms of damage. This ensures that the landscaping remains pristine and undisturbed.

At Ground Protector Mats, we understand the importance of reliable and durable ground protection. That's why our products are built to withstand the toughest conditions but are still light enough to be used every day by operators. With our mats, lawn, tree, and landscaping services can confidently tackle any excavation project, knowing that the ground beneath them is well-protected.

Experience the difference of Ground Protector Mats and make your next project a success. Order your set of Ground Protector Mats today! Check out some of our more popular models below and contact us for large or bulk orders.