Construction Protection Mats - Ground Protector

Ground Protector - Construction Protection Mats

Construction and construction equipment can easily damage turf, lawns, yards, golf courses, and landscaping. Ground Protector creates mats that help you keep your jobs sites clean, crisp, and ready-to-go for the client. Our mats let you put a barrier between your construction equipment and the ground or surface you are coming in contact with. This prevents major damage to the ground and gives your construction equipment and equipment operators a stable, non-damaging surface to rely on for operation.

Professional Construction Projects Use Ground Protection

It's not a secret that serious construction projects use ground protection at their jobs sites, particularly when the job site has landscaping or is a well-manicured area. Making sure you are not destroying the site as you build on it is a great way to save on clean-up costs in the budget and also leaving the client feeling great about the work. Ground Protector is perfect for residential, commercial, and industrial sites.

Reduce Mud, Dirt, and Debris

Ground protection helps reduce the amount of mud, dirt, debris and is a preventative measure in tracking unwanted material on to roadways or paths. By reducing contact with the dirt and mud Ground Protector ground protection mats increase the cleanliness of a site and can be used over and over again across the worst parts.

Work on Wet Ground

Ground Protector mats are designed to enable construction work even in wet and challenging ground conditions. The durable and non-slip surface of our mats ensures that your construction equipment can operate efficiently without sinking into or damaging wet ground. This is especially crucial during rainy seasons or in areas where the ground is naturally damp.

Our mats provide a stable foundation, allowing your construction crew to carry out tasks with confidence and safety. Whether it's laying foundations, erecting structures, or performing other construction activities, Ground Protector mats offer the support needed to work seamlessly on wet or muddy terrain.