About Us

Ground Protector Founders

About Us

Ground Protector was created by two entrepreneurial brothers after their experience handling landscaping services for stump removal and lawn services while repeatedly encountering ground protection mats that were too heavy or not strong enough. Based on their experience over years they designed and worked with a manufacturer to make the lightest mats in the world to use in their businesses on client's lawns, golf courses, university campuses and more. The company quickly expanded to specialize in all ground protection solutions, focusing on the production and distribution of high-quality ground protection mats and other type of ground protectors. These mats are designed to safeguard lawns, turf, and sensitive landscapes during heavy machinery operations, construction projects, and large-scale outdoor events.

The Growth

Within a few years Ground Protector expanded to a broad spectrum of industries across the United States, quickly becoming a leading provider of ground protection products. Recognizing a unique market opportunity, they dedicated their efforts to preventing damage to grass, landscaping, and underlying infrastructure, a common challenge faced by their initial landscaping clientele.

The Future

Now Ground Protector employs a skilled workforce in numerous cities and states, including product specialists, logistics experts, and customer service representatives. The company's product range has become indispensable for construction sites, utility companies, event organizers, and landscapers dealing with sensitive terrain. The team is equipped to address the nuances of ground protection, offering solutions for diverse conditions, including areas near buildings, sensitive ecological zones, and locations with underground utilities or irregular terrain. Our team works around the clock to insure every mat delivery and deployment is a success. Ground Protector. continues to innovate, driven by a commitment to preserve and protect the integrity of natural and landscaped environments everywhere.