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Ground Protector

3.5' x 7' Overspray Mat - Light

3.5' x 7' Overspray Mat - Light

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This is a 3.5' x 7' Ground Protector Overspray Mat Light, a type of ground protection mat used to protect turf, lawns, landscaping, grass, golf courses, and other sensitive property from overspray during mulching, fertilizing, seeding, blowing, hydroseeding, spraying, mixing, and other ground and surface treatments.

Ground Protector brand mats are the #1 choice in ground protection for real work in real conditions. Designed from the ground up by professional contractors these mats are made to prevent unwanted overspray or and unnecessary treatments during lawn, turf, and construction services.

Ground Protector Light Material

This Ground Protector brand overspray mat is made from the Ground Protector Light mat material to reduce weight further than any mat designed for daily use. A composite blend of lighter materials for rapid deployment and easier cleaning these overspray ground protection mats are made for use all day every day.

Designed For Maximum Overspray Protection

Most ground protection mats designed for outdoor work are used for .    


  • Material: Light
  • Mat Weight: 14lbs
  • Width: 3.5 feet
  • Length: 7 feet
  • Mat Handles: 5
  • Connection Holes: 4 per side

Bulk Pricing

For larger orders we offer bulk pricing. Please contact us via phone to discuss any orders over 8 units of any of our overspray ground protection mats for better pricing options.

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