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Ground Protector

20 Mat Set 4' x 8' Ground Protector Mat - Classic

20 Mat Set 4' x 8' Ground Protector Mat - Classic

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This is a set of 20 mat of the 4' x 8' Ground Protector Classic ground protection mat used to protect turf, lawns, landscaping, grass, golf courses, and other sensitive property from up to 40,000 lbs. of equipment and repeat foot traffic.

Why Buy Bulk?

Most jobs require at least one set of 20 mats. This is a fixed set at lower price per unit than individual mats.

The Ground Protector Difference

Ground Protector brand mats are the #1 choice in ground protection for real work in real conditions. Designed from the ground up by professional contractors these mats are made to prevent costly damage to job sites, increase workable days per year, and reduce mud, dirt, and stones tracked on to the local roads.

Ground Protector Classic Material

This Ground Protector brand ground protection mat is made from the Ground Protector Classic mat material which is the perennial favorite. Designed to protect against damage caused by up to 40,000 lbs of equipment during any construction or landscaping project while still being able to be handled day in and day out use there is no better choice for most job sites and machinery.

Light, Easy, and Powerful

Our Ground Protector Classic mat material weighs half of our competitor's mats weigh but offer amazing turf and lawn protection. Operators can rapidly deploy Ground Protector Classic mats all day long with minimal exhaustion. Make it easy for your crew to keep their job site in top condition and avoid costly bills.


  • Material: Classic
  • Mat Weight: 36lbs
  • Width: 4 feet
  • Length: 8 feet
  • Mat Handles: 8
  • Mat Count: 20

Bulk Pricing

This is a set of 20 ground protection mats.

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